Miss Liberty

It’s frustrating sometimes, being someone who pays so much attention to politics and it’s attendant problems, and our society, what with the crazy police and deaths and those attendant problems, to really see how screwed up everything is, and really, really want to do something to help, but then not being able to think of a way you could do that in the practical world.  It makes everything–anything–seem just futile.  Why bother?

But then, I see a post come through my Facebook feed last night, and although I had been aware of the situation well before last night, a thought hit me.  I spend all of this time, reading article after blog post, and listen to podcast after mainstream and cable news show while still not being able to actually help or fix anything, and in doing that, I’ve collected a lot of email addresses of people who have much bigger voices than I at their disposal, I should be able to at least do something to help this little girl.

Her name is Liberty.

Liberty has Sotos Syndrome. A rare genetic disorder. She is currently in Shriners at lexington to help correct her Syndromic Scoliosis which she has had since birth, a symptom of her Sotos. She is in Halo Gravity Traction. She will remain in gravity traction until all her upcoming procedures are done. She has to remain in the hospital because of the dangers that could happen if one of the 6 screws holding the halo on would cause if they got moved by a fall for ex. On September 22 liberty will go to University of Kentucky to have the anchors placed in her back to hold her rods that she will havd placed at a later date. The process of the anchors and rods is usually done in one surgery but because of the complexity of her curvature and her size being small they are going to place anchors and give them time to heal and then go back in at a later date (probably 2 to 3 weeks later) to have her rods placed. The rods are growing rods.

Liberty will be admitted on the evening of August 11, 2015 for Halo Gravity Traction at Shriners in Lexington. She will be having growth rods place in her back on September 22, 2015 and she will remain in the hospital from Aug 11 until complete recovery of the rods being placed. She is 4 and will spend her 5th birthday in the hospital on September 9th. I am a single working mom of two. I need to be with Liberty while in the hospital but i also have bills that have to be paid. The hospital she will be in is 2 hours from home. Please consider helping even if just a dollar. I assure you any and all help will be greatly appreciated. May God bless anyone who reads this, prays, and/or helps financially.

So, I’m sending out this email to every media email address I have, and I’ll put it up on the History of the Millennium blog page and tweet the link to every Twitter handle I can think of, in the hopes that, out of all you people (and the others who maybe learn of this through you) there will be some–even if it’s a tiny, tiny few–that will help or at least spread the word on to all those who follow you and might want to help.

Come on, Media and Social Media, don’t fail me now.  Do a good thing.

written by Ronald E. Glenn, 229 Bandy Road, Bidwell, OH 45614

(just in case, and for those that think this might be a scam or something–a few people have voiced that concern, that’s why I’m putting my address on here, so if there is a problem, you know where I am 🙂 )

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