HEY, YOU! Yeah, YOU!! THINK!!! (It’s not hard, or uncool, no matter what they told you.)

Alright, people. This is where it starts.

You have to get your heads out of your asses. You have to wake up. There is so much that is wrong with the world. You have no idea, because everyone always told you that you were not smart enough to think and reason and learn and figure out…and you believed them. Well, it was a lie. One of many that have been told to you–told to us–whether obvious or deviously ingrained into the character and upbringing of every person who meanders the path of growing up in America.

And let me just say right up front that this is not going to be easy. It will be hard. Probably very fucking hard. But we are going to have to deal with this one way or the other. The action matrix has been executing for far too long, and its not necessarily to be blamed on those on whose shoulders we stand–we, if nothing else, just know more now about everything that has been going on than they did.

But, at any rate, the time is now.  

Like I said, we are going to have to deal with all of these things–whether we want to or not–because doing nothing will just make us be late to the game when the inevitable time comes and kicks me, and you, and him, and them–AND EVERYONE–in the nuts.
Because, believe me, that is what is coming. And it wont be the immature punching-your-buddy-in-the-nuts-in-the-hallway-by-the-lockers-in-middle-school laughy, happy, fun kind of pain. No, it will be the Faces-of-Death-video-where-they-stretch-a-man’s-junk-across-a-tree-stump-and-chop-off-the-kibbles-and-bits-with-a-fucking-machete sort of pain.

The problems are many and intertwined. From ecological and economical, to political, and privacy, and manipulative “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain“. And I am going to do my best to tell you–inform/awake you–about all of it you should know, and what it means, and why you should care.

But you need to be in this thing.

This is not just some petty “oh, if we don’t do anything it’ll be a little bad, but it will be alright” thing. NO. All these different problems, all of this history, all these things that have taken place, and is taking place, all of it–it is converging around us now. And if we don’t get some kind of hold and fix on it, the problems could literally (and I know people use that word casually, and incorrectly, but I’m not here) be the end of civilization as we know it. The end of humanity as a species is a possibility. As is just the end of this planet being a living thing.

So, it’s important.

And, I know that all of that may sound like “Oh, yeah, another ‘end of the world’ thing that never ends up happening“, and your first instinct is to just play it off–BUT NO!!!–this is not that. You give me your time, and I will blow your mind with all of it. And, I promise, once you start seeing, and thinking, and realizing, you will know that, at the very least, this was not wasted time.

At the most, it may be the most important and consequential knowledge you’ll come by, you who has been unlucky enough (like the rest of us) to have to be alive now, at this time in history, because we are the ones who are going to have to deal with it.

This is the chronicle of the downfall.  This is the history of the millennium.


(And on a side note:  Let me just say here that, yeah, I’m probably going to co-opt the work of a lot of others.  I say thank you to them for the work and service you have done.  Its going to save me lots of precious time and result in getting the information out quicker than it would have gone had I had to do everything completely originally.  But there are copyright issues and the like. 

And I say to hell with all that.

I understand that money has to be made and research and investigations have to be funded, but, you know what?  You’re already getting probably more than you actually need from the income derived from your work, so suck it upThe information is just too important

Don’t get me wrong, I will acknowledge and cite whatever works I choose to use, but just like these people claim that they investigate and leak because classification and non-transparency should not be a barrier to what the public has a right to reasonably expect from those entrusted with generating and delivering that information, wealth–or lack of resources on the person it truly burdens–should not be the single barrier from having access to that knowledge or information.  Especially when a large part of the interconnected problems that each of these sources may be discussing is the reality of a huge wealth gap, which translates into a power gap, and the added negative factor that most (and more and more) people are finding themselves on the poorer side of that divide.)

— The Philosopher Monk


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